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Nourishing your body so you can thrive

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Hi! I'm Caroline. I use massage therapy and movement coaching to alleviate your current pain and limitations, prevent future injury, and give you the tools to use your body sustainably.

Do you want to

  • Prepare your body for childbirth and the years of work that follow?

  • Get down on the floor to play with your grandchildren?

  • Explore PNW’s natural wonders, taking your children with you no matter the distance?


I can help you reach your goals.

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Through massage, I find those areas that are stuck down and bound together and invite space into your tissues.

By easing open restrictions while respecting the pace at which your structures are ready to move, I support your natural self-healing processes.
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I provide practical education so you can adapt how you move in daily life to better reflect the body wellness you want to have.


My guidance will help you nurture yourself with easy, safe, effective movement that fits into your busy life and empowers you to reconnect with your body.

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