Restorative Movement

You get off the massage table. You feel great. Relaxed. Light. But while your body may feel wonderful right after it’s been all squished and fluffed up, all too often that familiar pain and tension return after only a few days of relief. My goal is for you to achieve the freedom to live beyond your pain management. To that end, I teach about movement and body alignment to give you the tools to actively participate in your health journey and feel like you can trust your body to take you where you want to go.


In our movement session, I will examine your body alignment—how your body parts are moving relative to one another—and notice where you are stuck down, limited, and sedentary. Then you and I will play with simple movements and ideas aimed at introducing fluidity to stagnant structures, mobility to rigid tissues, and training your body to live in better alignment to promote more complete healing and longevity. 


This is not simply another exercise regime. The ultimate goal is to adapt how you move in daily life to better reflect the body function you want to have. My approach is based on my training from Nutritious Movement. If you are curious about this program, you can find ample learning material on their website here.


My training is grounded in an evolutionary biological perspective that the body functions optimally when experiencing natural movement—motions your body would make if you lived in nature. Our physiology is uniquely adapted to the lifestyle our ancestors experienced for millennia. We are simply not built to sit 8 hours a day at a computer, make a daily commute through stressful traffic, outsource so much of our bodies’ work to furniture and electronics, and cast our joints within restrictive clothing and habitats. Through gentle guidance in movement mindfulness, I help you regain a structure capable of standing up to life’s demands. We don’t need to go back in time and live as hunter- gatherers, but with greater awareness of how our bodies work, we can lessen the negative impacts of our modern lifestyle and thrive.

NM Certified RES