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Restorative Movement

You get off the massage table. You feel great. Relaxed. Light. Let's keep that feeling going...


                ...when you get home and back to caring for                                your family

       you continue working day after day

                ...while you pursue the things you love



              the days, months, and years to come.

I Teach Restorative Movement, So You Can:

  • Reclaim functional movements vital to human health, such as balancing, squatting, carrying, crawling, and reaching.

  • Restore your ability to get up and down off the floor, bend over and pick something up, and sit without collapsing over.

  • Learn to involve more of your parts as you move-- so you stop cheating yourself out of bone-loading, strength-building, and mobility- maintaining movements.

  • Restore resilience and connection to places like your pelvic floor, your ribcage, and your feet.

  • Gain tools to care for your own body out in the real world, not just in the exercise room.

If you are used to taking yoga classes, how will restorative movement compare?

  • Classes will be slower—so we can fine-tune and get into the nitty-gritty of what’s really happening while we move.

  • I will be talking more—so I can explain what's happening on a physiological level and put these movements into the context of your real life.

  • We will still use yoga mats and various props and bolsters to refine and adapt movements to meet our bodies' current needs.

  • I will always strive to provide options for scaling the exercises we practice to make them the right amount of challenge for your body today.

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My training is grounded in an evolutionary biological perspective that the body functions optimally when experiencing natural movement—motions your body would make if you lived in nature. Our physiology is uniquely adapted to the lifestyle our ancestors experienced for millennia. Many of the diseases and ailments common in our modern age are rooted in our modern, sedentary lifestyle. However, we don't need to return to a life of hunting and gathering in order to use what we know about how our bodies work to improve our wellbeing today. 


My movement classes are not simply about learning exercises. I teach you to find more movement opportunities within your current life. I show you how to get more of your individual parts moving during a given activity. I want you to be nourished on and off my massage table—by life itself.

Intrigued and want to learn more? Head over to my Blog page, or to the people who taught me at Nutritious Movement

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