My bodywork style is sometimes termed deep myofascial listening. It’s about listening to you and listening to your body. I follow your tissue—where it gives, shifts, responds, and unwinds to my intentional pressure—using these cues to direct my focus. I target the connective tissue that surrounds, anchors, and supports every cell in our bodies, encouraging the length, breadth, and space needed so each cell can function at its best.


Sometimes I use deep pressure for those areas that crave a juicy breaking-up of rigid, congealed, glued-down tissues, and other times I adopt a more subtle approach to ease open restrictions while respecting the pace at which your structures are ready to move. I operate under the viewpoint that pain is not necessary to create change, and I can be more effective working at your comfort level.


My work is about creating greater ease of movement and facilitating the body’s natural healing processes. It’s about being able to pick up your kid and share a smile without masking hidden pain and tension. It’s about being able to grab hold of a rare sunny day and work in your garden without being stopped by an aching hip, knee, or shoulder.


I utilize my education in injury treatment massage, including my training in intra-oral (inside the mouth) massage, to address a wide variety of physical issues, as well as to provide a more attentive relaxation experience. By addressing the body as a whole, connected unit, I seek not only to alleviate symptoms but to respond to contributing factors, for more complete healing and to prevent future injury.


Are you seeking pain relief, support in healing an injury, nurturing touch during your pregnancy, or the ability to move more fully?  I’d love to work with you.


Massage + Movement

Every moment of your existence, a vital conversation is occurring within each of your cells. This process is called mechanotransduction, and it’s the reason massage is so effective and movement is so necessary. Any physical “squish” that our cells experience—such as from gravity, pressure, or tension—conveys a message that the cells then translate into how they will behave. This literally directs what goes on in our bodies, from cell growth or death, to bone and muscle strengthening or weakening, based on what we are doing.


Through massage therapy, I am able to join the conversation through touch, encouraging cohesion and helping you communicate suppleness and resilience to tissues that may have been “out of touch” for a while. Through movement coaching, we can work together to send a better message to your cells, so you have more of a say in your well-being. I look forward to working with you to reinforce your ability to thrive.

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