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What Kinds of Massage Therapy Do I Offer?


Structural Integration


Structural Integration (SI) is an educational massage undertaking in which you and I work closely together to find a more sustainable body alignment and restore ease and balance to your life, so your pain or injury can resolve.

SI involves focused, deeply effective massage, active client participation (such as moving or breathing during massage strokes), movement education, and awareness practices. SI is typically done as a series of 11 sessions. The beginning sessions seek to establish your solid foundation and open space in your outer layers. The middle of the series focuses on developing a more responsive core. The ending sessions integrate all layers together to ensure long-lasting change.

Structural Integration can be performed with pregnant bodies, although some modifications will likely be necessary depending on the timing of the pregnancy. SI is a great way to prepare and empower you during your pregnancy, and can effectively support you during the physically demanding post-natal years.

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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a time of exciting (and tiring!) change. While your body grows an entire new human, you deserve to nurture yourself further. Massage during the perinatal period can help:

  • reduce stress

  • ease muscle aches and cramps

  • improve blood and lymph flow

  • manage swelling

  • alleviate stress on joints

  • support the immune system

  • reduce prenatal complications

  • improve body awareness (which can be especially helpful during the birth process)

  • Most of all, receiving individualized care during this time helps you have more to give to your baby and yourself.

Post-natal massage is also a great way to support your body that’s doing so much to care for baby. Massage can help you:

  • recover from birth

  •  ease shoulder and neck tension from constantly holding that bundle of joy

  • facilitate the healing of injuries such as C-section scars, diastasis recti, and pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Massage is a Conversation

Every moment of your existence, a vital conversation is occurring within each of your cells. This process is called mechanotransduction, and it’s the reason massage is so effective and movement is so necessary. Our cells respond and adapt to every physical “squish” that they experience—such as from gravity, pressure, or tension—directly shaping our physiology. 


Through massage therapy, we are able to have a profound conversation with your cells. With my intentional touch and your willingness to be present and aware, we can communicate suppleness and resilience to tissues that may have been “out of touch” for a while. By receiving new sensory information, your nervous system can discover an entirely new way of perceiving the world. You can have more of a say in your well-being.


My Educational Training

caroline snijder (2).JPG

2012 B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology with emphasis in Animal Behavior

at UC Berkeley


2015 Massage Licensure after completion of professional massage program

at Discoverypoint School of Massage


2016 Mentorship, Integrated Advanced Techniques for Holistic Therapeutic Outcomes (including Intra-Oral Endorsement)

with Dawn Schmidt, LMT


2018 Certified Personal Trainer- Restorative Exercise Specialist

with Nutritious Movement®


2020- Present: Education Coordinator (Volunteer)

with North Cascades Massage Connections


2022 Rolling Along the Anatomy Trains

with Tom Myers and Jill Miller


2022 Manual Neurovascular Release: Neck, "Roots of Arms," Upper Thorax

with Kieran Schumaker, BCSI


2022 Soma Essentials: Somassage® Workshop

at Soma Institute of Structural Integration®


2022 Perinatal Massage Therapy Specialist

with Laurie Levy, LMT


2024 Soma Structural Integration

at Soma Institute of Structural Integration®

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