My Best Daily Habit

I have a daily habit that I love doing every single morning. I am so proud of cultivating this habit because it not only feels so great to do, but it is super healthy for me as well. What is this awesome activity that I can’t get enough of? It’s my foot massage, of course!

Every morning I start off my day with a little tooth brushing (pretty average, right?). However, an average morning quickly becomes amazing because right by my toothbrush is a little, round rock. (It’s maybe half the size of a golf ball.) So, I grab this rock, plop it on the floor at my feet, and start my massage. There’s no agenda or rules; I just have fun rolling my foot around on the rock. I can break up any crunchy spots, hang out on areas that feel extra tight, wiggle my toes, and just work the rock across the bottom of my feet. By waking up all the stiff muscles and joints, my feet are stoked to spend another day carrying my body around. And since I’m brushing my teeth at the same time, it doesn’t even take up extra time in my morning routine.

Just because this habit is super wonderful for me, doesn’t mean it will be everybody’s cup of tea. For starters, a lot of people might be more comfortable using something larger and softer than a rock—a golf ball or tennis ball are good alternatives. Or perhaps the time of day should be different. Some people might like to do this foot mobilization exercise while at their standing workstation or in the kitchen. No matter who you are or what your preference is, however, everybody's feet could benefit from experiencing more texture and variety. For feet that were designed to travel over natural terrain all day, our thick, cushioned shoes and hard, flat habitats make for a dull and oppressive foot life. Although it may not seem like much, a few minutes of rock or golf ball foot massage every day can add up to a lot of foot happiness over a lifetime.